Employee stories: Yasmin

23 Aug, 2021



Speech Pathology Mentor

Happy Speech Pathology Week!

This week we want to thank all of the Speech Pathologists who continuously help the 1.2 million Australians living with a communication disability. Communication is everyone’s right, and without the hard work of Australia’s Speech Pathologists, so many individuals wouldn’t be able to experience confident communication.

To highlight some of the amazing work our Speechies do, we sat down with our Speech Pathology Mentor, Yasmin, to ask her about the impact that Speech Pathologists have in our community, and how her mentorship can positively influence a range of cases whilst supporting the team to grow their skillset and why she loves her job here at Gen Physio.

What does your role entail as a Speech Pathology Mentor for Gen Physio?
My role as a mentor to the Gen Physio Speech Pathologists means I provide clinical supervision to each therapist on the team. This takes place in one-on-one sessions on a fortnightly basis, and during this time we discuss complex clients on the therapists caseload and I provide support and direction around goal setting and intervention strategies.

To read the full article with Yasmin, click the link below to download it.

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