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Workplace injury and motor vehicle accidents

We understand recovering from an injury is challenging enough so we aim to simplify the process by providing services at a location convenient to you. Whether it be your own home, workplace, local pool or gymnasium, our experienced health experts will come to you at a day and time that suits you best. 

Our clinicians are trained to accurately assess workers’ compensation and motor vehicle injuries and provide you with a treatment plan that is individualised, and evidence based. This ensures you are given the appropriate assistance you require on your road to recovery in the shortest time possible. 

Workplace injury 

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme in your state will support you on your road to recovery. This involves assisting you in getting rehabilitation and medical treatment from allied health professionals. 

When Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology is required, a referral will be given by your GP. You are entitled to choose your own Doctor and Allied Health professional for all rehabilitation treatments. This process may vary slightly depending on where you are located, therefore, it is best to contact the governing body in your state before proceeding. 

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motor vehicle related accident CTP

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) 

If you’ve been in a motor vehicle related accident, the CTP scheme within your state will support you to get the help you need. This involves supporting your rehabilitation and medical treatment from allied health professionals. 

In order to assist you with Physiotherapy or Exercise Physiology services, our team will ask you to have your claim number readily available when requesting an appointment. In some cases, depending on where you are located, you may be required to provide a referral. It is recommended to contact the governing body in your state, as well as your insurer, before proceeding. 

Physiotherapy Services


Your Allied Health professional should undertake a full assessment that may involve screening questions about the nature of the injury, how it affects your daily living and your ability to function. During the assessment, a physical examination should also take place to determine the baseline levels of movement and the nature of the injury. From a thorough assessment, a rehabilitation plan will be developed to help alleviate the symptoms and get you back to normal function.

Client Services

Regular contact with GP

Communication with the treating doctor is a vital part of ensuring you return to work safely. At Gen Physio, we ensure that regular contact is made with your doctor and all recommendations are considered. Following your initial appointment with one of our clinicians, we will send out written communication to your doctor so they are well-informed of our assessment and treatment plan. We also ensure follow up written communication with progress reports are sent to coincide with your doctor’s appointments.


Staying active

Getting back into exercise programs are a beneficial way to ensure you start moving as early as possible in your rehabilitation journey and having an experienced Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist to guide you through this process is essential.

Our Physiotherapists will ensure you are doing the right exercises at the right time and progressing in a safe manner.

 100% mobile service

Our services

We provide Physiotherapy, and Exercise Physiology under the workplace injury rehabilitation service and compulsory third party motor vehicle accident scheme. We provide services in the following locations BrisbaneGold CoastSunshine Coast, Tweed Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. There is no need to travel to a clinic, as our health professionals come to you.

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Workers compensation 

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Compulsory Third Party (CTP)

To find out more information on CTP for motor vehicle related rehabilitation services in your state, visit the below links:

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Rehabilitation programs available

Here at Gen Physio, we have a range of rehabilitation programs available.
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