Why exercising is good for your mental health

18 Mar, 2022

Growing up, we all tend to learn about the importance of staying fit and exercising— a key fact in our lives that never really loses its meaning. As we continue to grow older and primarily rely on ourselves to keep good habits intact with intrinsic self-control and discipline, it becomes even clearer that most of us don’t understand WHY it pays to stay fit. 

At this point, you’re probably enamoured with the whole idea of whipping yourself into shape or finding more meaning in your routine as time goes by. Sure, it might make sense to go ahead and visit the gym anywhere between three to five times a week, but the reality is that we don’t find much meaning in exercising beyond what we know now.

To some, exercising may seem like a great way to lose weight or pack on muscle, and, to others, it is a prerequisite to impressing romantic interests. However, the problem with knowing that exercise is important is that many of us don’t precisely know what the term “important” specifically alludes to. 

What if we told you that working out is not just vital for physical health, but it’s also a big reinforcement when it comes to your mental health?

Digging deeper for more value

Understandably, you might think that the whole value of exercising comes from purely physical reasons.

From packing on more muscles and building endurance to losing weight and getting rid of persistent bodily problems from massive weight gain, working out is linked to physical health for multiple reasons. Yet, the bigger picture that most gym buffs and health enthusiasts fail to see when understanding the value of working out is that it serves the mind as well as it does the body.

You see, our bodies are hardwired to experience far more stagnancy as we grow older because life will get in the way and compromise our time for activity.

As you get to your thirties, you’ll find yourself spending more hours on your office chair than walking around and being active. As the hours of inactivity pile up, they’re guaranteed to wreak havoc on your body and cause it to disintegrate slowly. But, most people don’t see that the lack of exercise also leads to a weakened psyche. 

Genetically speaking, our bodies are engineered to rely on the presence of constant and regular movement for improved levels of overall health, including the mind. Unfortunately, having long hours at the office, family engagements, children, and packed weekend to-do lists cause us to fall behind on fulfilling the mind’s need for regular exercise.

The link between exercising and strengthened mental health

It may not seem like much at first, but breaking a sweat does the mind and body a whole lot of good because when the former feels great, the latter will follow suit! When you look deeper into the whole idea of exercising and taking on as much activity as possible during a hard sweat session in the gym, it becomes clearer that working out does the mind much good. 

Beyond fulfilling the need to achieve and entice our reward complexes; however, working out is also great for mental health because it helps us feel in control of the whirlwind that we call our lives!


Although there may be a handful of reasons to exercise regularly and keep the health train rolling, the most surprising one is its impact on mental health. Aside from keeping your muscles solid and your heart pumping as strong as it should, working out will help keep your head in the right place for good!

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