Who Needs Physiotherapy?

9 Aug, 2021

Many people have a common misconception that physiotherapy is only meant for a specific group of people in the community. However, almost everyone can benefit from it at some point in life. Physiotherapy has been proven as an effective method of relieving pain without the use of medication.

Professional physiotherapists from Gen Physio, a reputable home health provider, have demystified all the signals that could indicate that someone requires the services of a physiotherapist. Please note, these are only some of the indications and is not a complete list. Please consult with your GP or contact us for an assessment. 

Physio helping patient

Loss of Balance

Many instances of lost balance result from problems with the inner ear, the vestibular system. This is the system that is responsible for regulating body balance. Once it is infected, you start to experience symptoms such as dizziness, balance disturbance and vertigo.

As a result, a physiotherapist can recommend vestibular rehabilitation, a physiological therapy that aims to overcome those symptoms. This therapy can be used as an alternative for surgery in some cases or as a complementary process.

Pain at Your Desk

Our bodies like to keep moving, which is not often possible, especially when we are at our workstations. When you sit all day, your muscles and joints strain. Consequently, you may start to experience constant pains, which manifest in the form of headaches and backache.

It is therefore advisable that you regularly stand and stretch your body to enhance the relaxation of muscles. However, if you experience chronic pain, there can never be a better time to seek the assistance of a physiotherapist.

Sudden Difficulties with Movement

If you start to notice that you cannot move as comfortably as you used to, for instance, you can no longer touch your toes, then you may require a visit to a physiotherapist. Such instances happen as a result of increased muscle tension and weak supporting tissues. A physiotherapist might recommend a set of exercises that will help relax the muscles and strengthen the support tissues.

Book Your Physiotherapy Sessions Today

Undeniably, physiotherapy is beneficial to many people regardless of their ages and gender. It helps to unlock the lifestyle limits put in place by illnesses, injuries, and other medical conditions.

At Gen Physio, we have a team of professional physiotherapists who will provide you with customised therapy sessions to suit your health needs. We also offer mobile physiotherapy and our highly experienced physiotherapists will come to you. We pride ourselves in the vast experience we have gained in the field, dealing with all physical pain relief methods. Please contact us today to get solutions to all your physiological challenges.

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