When should you see a Physiotherapist?

6 Sep, 2021

If you suffer an injury, you probably hope that the pain will resolve by itself over time. However, the problem is that if overlooked, the aches and pains could escalate and trigger worse conditions. The best way out is to seek medical assistance, and in this case, physiotherapy could come in handy. A qualified physiotherapist can evaluate and diagnose your injury and develop a suitable treatment plan for you.

Professional physiotherapists such as those at Gen Physio are committed to helping you ease your pain and maintain a healthy body. Plus, they can discover the root cause of your problem and walk you through the road to recovery.


What does a Physiotherapist do?

Generally, a physiotherapist provides support, rehabilitation services, performance training, and help with stress and pain relief in different aspects of your life. Physio experts specialize in various areas, so it helps to find someone with the right qualifications for your particular conditions.

While most physiotherapists offer tailored services to meet every patient’s treatment needs, your experience is based on the health professional you visit. Below are common reasons why people visit physiotherapists:

When to see a physiotherapist?

Persistent Pain

When you suffer an injury, the pain is expected to last as long as the healing process takes. In minor cases such as a sprained ankle, the pain could take up to a few weeks. However, in some cases, the pain can recur and become persistent over a long period. Pain that keeps recurring can often become chronic, and typical examples are lower back pain and neck pain. In such cases, you need to seek the help of a physiotherapist.

Mobility Issues

Another reason to see a physiotherapist is if you’re experiencing mobility problems. Examples of mobility problems include lack of flexibility in your movements and inability to reach your toes.

A competent physiotherapist from Gen Physio can assess your situation and recommend suitable stretches to relax your muscles and strengthen tissue to improve your flexibility. They can also conduct joint mobilization along with massage to help improve the soft tissue quality and restore usual joint motion.

Sports Injuries

Common sports injuries include sprains, nose bleeds, bruises, strains, and joint injuries. They often occur due to the application of force or direct impact greater than the affected body part can sustain. When it comes to sports injuries, a health professional can create a recovery exercise plan to help you recover from the pain. They can also develop a preventive program and suggest better ways to help protect you from sports-related injuries.

Neurological Disorders

For patients suffering from stroke, extensive physiotherapy can help them regain flexibility and mobility skills. A Physio expert can evaluate their condition and provide the best support program to improve their situation.


Get a Reputable Physiotherapist Today to Help with Your Pain Management

Regardless of the source, acute pain can restrict you from performing your normal activities or even cause permanent disability if not treated. If you experience pain resulting from any aspects mentioned above, we at Gen Physio are ready to help you with our mobile physiotherapy services. Please contact us online or give us a call on 1300 122 884 to schedule an appointment.

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