When Should You Refer to an Exercise Physiologist?

1 Jun, 2021

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist is a university allied health professional. Exercise physiology involves designing and delivering exercise interventions for patients suffering from medical conditions, disabilities, or chronic illness.

The prescription of exercise programs is backed by most allied health professionals in Australia, as physical activity promotes physical and mental health. Sports Science Australia has become very popular in improving one’s general health.

Exercise is a medicine that should be prescribed to improve your quality of life and general well-being.


When Should You Refer to an Exercise Physiologist?

Below, we’ll discuss the reasons why your doctor will prescribe exercise and recommend an exercise psychologist.

1. When you need help managing a chronic disease or condition

Exercise physiologists focus on the prescription of clinical exercise. A personal trainer offers a more general physical exercises routine, unlike exercise physiologists. They understand the complexities of different chronic conditions, and therefore are able to provide long term, effective, and safe exercise interventions.

2. Improve your mental health

Physical exercise improves mental health by enhancing an individual’s ability to cope and manage their mental wellbeing. People with mental health conditions are more likely to experience extra barriers when it comes to being active. Exercise physiologists understand these barriers and work with their clients to overcome these challenges. Personalised exercise prescriptions are delivered to clients to ensure the best care is provided to each individual.

3. To increase a patient’s physical activity

Your doctor will prescribe exercise to help prevent chronic diseases and reduce physical inactivity. Exercise physiologists specialize in various behaviour changing activities. They help individuals make consistent, long-term lifestyle modifications.

4. Overcome chronic physical pain caused by illness and injuries

Over three million Australians suffer from severe physical pain. Most people assume exercising will worsen chronic pain. Exercise is one of the most effective types of chronic pain management when performed correctly and safely. Exercise physiologists help prescribe safe workout routines that can alleviate severe pain.

5. Improve your cardiovascular health

Every 12 minutes, one Australian dies from heart disease. One of the most significant health issues in Australia is cardiovascular health. Living an active lifestyle helps reduce your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. People with a history of cardiovascular diseases will benefit from adding regular exercise into their routine. An exercise physiologist can help provide the best routine for you and your lifestyle.

6. To ease rehabilitation after a cardiac incident

Individuals recovering from a cardiac incident tend to avoid exercising. Exercise is vital for one’s recovery, but an exercise physiologist must prescribe the activity and constantly monitor the individual’s progress.

7. Control pre-diabetes and existing diabetic condition

Through exercise, the body regulates insulin levels, along with promoting weight reduction. These factors decrease the risk of diabetes and developing comorbidities. Exercise physiologists work with your doctor in preventing and managing your condition.

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