What Is the best Speech Therapy for a child?

25 Feb, 2021

Parents are often worried when their child doesn’t mark milestones in child development at the expected average time. Language development is one of the main abilities we learn in early childhood, and it’s not uncommon for kids to experience delays or difficulties while learning how to speak.

While this is something many parents are overreacting about, it’s important to know when a speech therapist is needed and how to choose the best approach for your child.

Let’s find out more about what speech therapy is and how it can help.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a wide-ranging field that treats a great variety of speech disorders and speech problems as well as work in the areas of voice, feeding, alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and fluency (i.e. stuttering). Language therapists are trained to evaluate and treat these problems, working with children or adults who need it through a variety of methods and treatment plans.

When Is Speech Therapy Needed?

As we mentioned before, many parents react disproportionately to the problem when it comes to the main milestones of early childhood. Recognising the need for speech and language therapy is extremely important, as an early reaction will make the therapy easier for the child.

A speech-language therapist is needed when the child seems to have significant delays compared to the average charts, which might indicate a communication disorder or a spectrum disorder. Autistic children can display other correlating symptoms, like lack of fine motor skills, absence and lack of reaction, and so on.

If you suspect your child to have such delays, going to a speech pathologist can help you clear out the situation and take the best measures to help your child.

If your child is marking language milestones, but seems to struggle with some speech problems, like pronouncing a specific sound, forming correct sentences, or stuttering, you can take them to be evaluated.

Speech Therapy for Children with Autism

Speech or language therapy is a must for children with autism or an autism spectrum disorder. For an atypical child, speech therapy can bring numerous benefits besides language skills, and parents will soon recognise an overall improvement in the child’s social skills, use of body language, and concept skills.

Speech Therapy Apps

Many speech therapy apps can help parents and enrich and complement the therapy done with a specialist. In order to improve a child’s speech, parents, teachers, and therapists must work together constantly, every day. A speech therapy app like Articulation Station or Otsimo can make the exercises fun and playful for both child and parent.

Can We Help?

If your child or a loved one needs speech therapy, contact the experts at Gen Physio and book an appointment for a home visit. Getting speech-language pathologists into the customer’s home contributes to faster treatment and an easier path for the children and adults who need it.

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