What Does an Occupational Therapist Do on a Home Visit

8 Jun, 2021

Mobile Occupational Therapy is beneficial for individuals whose independence in daily activities is impacted by illness, injury or disability. Occupational therapists help clients recover or improve how they perform daily activities. One aspect of occupational therapy intervention includes completing home assessments. Occupational Therapists can complete a home assessment and recommend equipment, home modifications or adaptive strategies to maintain, improve and regain functioning and independence.

What to expect from a home visit therapist?

During a residential visit, what happens? The occupational therapist conducts assessments of the client’s daily routine and activities and assesses areas such as endurance, motor skills, balance/strength and coordination. The occupational therapist assesses these through asking you to complete daily tasks such as getting on/off a chair, getting in/out of the shower and walking around your home environment.  This helps the therapist to explore why specific tasks are hard to perform or whether they are currently unsafe. 



An occupational therapist will also survey the client’s physical environment. They will determine which environmental factors are impacting on the person’s functioning. Some of the environmental factors include:

  • The distance between objects
  • Heights of objects
  • Where entry points are
  • Stairs

After the assessment, they’ll recommend which equipment or home modifications are needed. Examples of these can include grab rails to increase safety while completing transfers and ramps to mitigate thresholds in different entry points around the home. The therapist can also recommend equipment, such as mobility aids (e.g. wheelchairs, walking sticks, four wheeled walkers), bathroom aids (e.g shower/toilet chair) and bedroom equipment (e.g. height adjustable bed). 

The therapist will also assess the current methods used to mobilise and access the community and can consider what aids or strategies might be helpful to improve your capacity to go into the community or even to access your place of work. 

Why You Should Choose Occupational Therapist Home Visits

Occupational therapy home visits are more convenient if you want to save time and cannot make it into a clinic. Having sessions at home also enables the therapist to observe your functioning within your typical environment and can improve their ability to tailor intervention to suit individuals needs. 

Older clients and those with significant mobility issues would benefit from occupational therapy house visits as it allows them to remain as safe and independent as possible allowing them to stay in their own home for longer.

It’s best to confirm with your therapist which services and treatments are available to you. 

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