What Does a Physiotherapist Do for a Child?

6 Aug, 2021

Does your child have a physical problem or a brain injury that is deterring their movement? If yes, you should consider seeing a physiotherapist because they might have a solution for your child.

Who is a Physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a trained health professional experienced in treating conditions or injuries that affect movement or how your children do their daily activities. 

Allied health experts from Gen Physio have prepared a comprehensive guide to enlighten you about the impact of paediatric physiotherapy on your child and other important details you need to know.

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Why Should You Take Your Child to a Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapists handle a myriad of issues related to children’s health. However, they prove to be exceptionally beneficial to children with the following conditions:

Recovering after Surgery

After leaving the surgery room, the patients will often lose strength, functionality, and independence. Taking your child to a physiotherapist after surgery will help them to recover fast. Many physiotherapists enjoy working with children to enhance their quick recovery.

Solve Problems with Balance

Does your child experience difficulties with standing due to imbalance? Don’t worry about that. Taking them to the physiotherapist in their early childhood will enable them to obtain balance and coordination. It will also allow your child to acquire gross motor skills gradually.

Advice on Weight and Physical Activity

Have you been on the lookout for helpful information regarding the everyday activities in which your child can engage and how to manage their weight and gross motor development?

Consulting a physiotherapist will equip you with valuable tips on how to go about it seamlessly. They have vast knowledge about weight and play-based activities to indulge your child.

Children with Scoliosis Condition

Scoliosis is simply the sideways curvature of children’s vertebrae, which results in a bent spine. This may happen if your child is idiopathic. However, it may also occur even in healthy children. Another type of Scoliosis is neuromuscular. It mainly affects the children because of their weak muscles or nerves. Children with the condition are most likely to suffer from:

  • Cerebral palsy 
  • Spina Bifida
  • Muscular dystrophy 

If your child has any Scoliosis, it would be advisable to work closely with a physiotherapist because early intervention can help.

Recovering from Injuries

Don’t be stranded wondering what to do if your child suffers an injury during their day-to-day activities. Whether it’s a joint fracture, muscle strain or a problem with the ligaments, a physiotherapist will help them recover within a few days.

Get the Best Physiotherapy for Your Child Today

The role of physiotherapists in the growth of children cannot be emphasised enough. At Gen Physio, we understand that your child’s good health is paramount to their growth and your peace of mind. We will offer mobile physiotherapy sessions for your child to ensure their healthy development. Please contact us today to book your appointment and see your child’s health transform.

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