What Disorders Do Speech Pathologists Treat?

5 Jul, 2021

Do you need a speech pathologist in Australia? Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, you may be wondering what these medical professionals do, and if they’re a suitable choice for a particular condition or disorder. Read on, and learn the basics about speech pathology from Gen Physio. 

What Is A Speech Pathologist?

A speech pathologist also called a speech-language pathologist (SLP), is a professional who works to help people improve their speech or language disorder. Speech disorders and language disorders can be caused by many things. Disorders including stroke, brain injuries, learning disability, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and more can be treated by a speech pathologist. 

In general, speech pathologists working with people who have communication disorders and language disorders help them improve at listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social skills, stuttering, and using voice-activated tools like dictation software or other necessary assistive technologies.

Speech Pathology

1. Speech Issues

In general, this refers to issues with physical speech, such as injuries, disorders, and conditions that interfere with proper pronunciation. 

  • Fluency – Speech pathologists help improve the fluency of speech, improving how syllables, words, and sentences flow to enhance communication. 
  • Voice – Common difficulties include hoarseness, abnormal pitch, and other problems affecting the sound of the voice.
  • Articulation – Speech pathologists can help with articulation disorders, improving pronunciation, reducing slurring and indistinct speech, and ensuring patients can make the proper sounds. 

2. Language Problems

In general, these disorders include things caused by cognitive disabilities or sudden injuries like stroke that affect the brain, and its ability to process speech. 

  • Aphasia – This is the inability to understand or even produce language. Speech pathologists can often treat this and help patients re-learn how to speak and understand speech.
  • Language-based disabilities – This can include lots of conditions and disorders that affect the ability to understand written or spoken language, and affect reasoning, writing, speech, and writing.
  • Social cues – This is common in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A speech pathologist can help patients understand the “unwritten rules” of communication, like taking turns speaking, not interrupting, and understanding social cues.

3. Related Disorders

  • Difficulties swallowing food and drink – Speech pathologists can help patients drink safely and swallow food safely. They may work with other professionals like dentists or doctors in this capacity.
  • Hearing loss – SLPs can support patients undergoing hearing loss by assisting them in learning to read lips and in other such capacities. 

Need Speech Pathology In Australia? Contact Gen Physio 

With occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and other health care professionals available in Queensland, Victoria, and northern New South Wales, Gen Physio is here to help you get the assistance you need for yourself, or for a loved one.

We offer expert care and mobile speech pathologists who can come directly to your home. This makes it easy to get the care you need for speech and language disorders. Get the care you need. Contact us online or give us a call on 1300 122 884 to schedule a consultation. 


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