The Role of Speech Pathology for Epilepsy

2 Nov, 2023

Communication difficulties can be caused by epilepsy, a neurological disorder that triggers seizures. Seizures can impact any part of the body, including the brain, which can then lead to speech and language difficulties. Fortunately, Speech Pathology for Epilepsy can assist in enhancing communication skills and effectively managing these challenges for people of all ages…

Speech Pathologist assisting a geriatric female Client in a consultation

Speech Pathology for Epilepsy in Paediatrics

Speech Pathologists can help children with epilepsy develop effective communication skills to interact with peers and adults. Early language interventions are crucial to minimise the impact of speech challenges on academic performance and overall communication proficiency.

Speech Pathology for Epilepsy in Adults

Epilepsy causes speech and language difficulties by temporarily disrupting specific brain areas. Regular sessions can benefit adults with epilepsy by enhancing communication skills and addressing speech or language challenges, such as effectively expressing themselves in professional and social settings.

Speech Pathology for Epilepsy in Geriatrics

Speech therapy for geriatric epilepsy helps older adults keep their communication skills and address any speech or language challenges. This may include helping them regain effective communication skills or enabling them to stay independent by communicating with loved ones.

Common Speech and Language Difficulties in People With Epilepsy

Some common speech and language difficulties in people with epilepsy include:

Aphasia is a language disorder that can affect the ability to speak, understand speech, read, and write.

Dysarthria is a speech disorder that can cause difficulty with muscle coordination and movement, which can affect speech.

Apraxia of speech is a speech disorder that can cause difficulty with planning and producing speech sounds.

How Speech Pathologists Can Help

Speech Pathologists provide valuable support to individuals with epilepsy by assessing their speech and language abilities, identifying areas of difficulty, and diagnosing related disorders. They develop personalised treatment plans to improve communication skills and manage speech and language challenges. Additionally, they offer education and support to individuals with epilepsy and their families, ensuring comprehensive care and guidance.


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