Client Story: Increasing Sylvia’s independence

25 Aug, 2023

Sylvia, is one of our valued HCP clients who works with our Occupational Therapist, Georgie. In their recent session, their main goal was to enhance Sylvia’s mobility and independence in her daily activities, leading to an improved quality of life.
Sylvia has been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a common lung disease that restricts airflow and causes breathing difficulties. Although she uses portable oxygen, she still experiences breathlessness when mobilising for extended periods of time.

During her recent visit to Scooters & Mobility, Sylvia had the opportunity to trial a portable mobility scooter. The scooter is designed to be easily packed into her car and taken along when she goes out, ensuring enhanced mobility and independence within her community.

Currently, Sylvia finds it challenging to walk for extended periods without needing to rest. However, with the aid of a mobility scooter, she will be able to move around more comfortably when running errands and doing the things she loves most.

Some of those activities include visiting theme parks with her grandchildren and meeting up with her friends in Brisbane.


What you can expect during a Scooter and Mobility Trial

You’ll receive education on the power mobility device including:

  • Transferring on and off the scooter safely
  • Correct positioning of hands on the wigwag
  • The best sitting posture
  • Adjusting important features like the seat and mirrors
  • Understanding scooter controls, including the speed control, indicators, hazards, steering, and the wigwag (throttle to make it go forward and backward)

Practising a range of driving skills, including:

  • Driving in a straight line 
  • Driving in a figure 8 
  • Reversing and braking
  • Completing a 3-point turn
  • Negotiating rough ground
  • Navigating corners and shared space
  • Mounts kerbs safely
  • Response time to environmental changes

Our Occupational Therapists conduct these assessments at the beginning of a trial to prioritise the safe operation of the scooter, minimise accident risks and ensure community safety. At the same time, as providing support to their clients until they feel confident operating the scooter independently.

Sylvia was so excited at the end of the trial, she was already listing all the places she could go with her children, grandchildren, and her friends, that she hadn’t been able to do for years.

How can an Occupational Therapist help

If you or a loved one could benefit from additional mobility support, our Occupational Therapists are here to help.

Contact us today on 1300 122 884 and begin your journey to increased independence today.


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