How Much Does Speech Therapy Cost?

20 Sep, 2021

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with speech disorders, you may need to consider speech therapy. Essentially, speech therapy is a practice used to rectify communication problems in both adults and children. In some cases, speech-related complications can result from developmental delays, brain tumours, cerebral palsy, autism, head injuries, and congenital disabilities.

Besides the physical effects being challenging to manage, the costs associated with speech therapy can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Gen Physio is committed to providing affordable speech therapy sessions that bring value to your family. We provide school and home-visit speech pathology services to help save you time and travel expenses.

Speech Therapy Cost

What is the typical cost of Treating Speech Disorders?

When searching for speech therapy services, many cost-related questions may arise. Sometimes it isn’t easy to know where to get help from when seeking speech therapy treatment. Some of the available options include;

  • Public therapy services: they’re often offered by hospitals and community health outreach services via the local health system. Most universities that offer speech pathology programs also provide these services.
  • Private speech therapy: it’s provided by clinics or schools for a fee. Mostly, private speech therapy is covered by private health insurance programs. However, in some cases, health plans cover only short-term speech treatment resulting from acute illness and injuries but don’t include developmental disorders.

Patients with an existing health insurance cover can pay an out-of-pocket cost of up to 50%, and those without coverage will have to pay for their assessment in the total amount. That is why it helps to find a speech pathologist who can provide you with quality health services at pocket-friendly costs.

Elements of a Speech Therapy Process

As soon as you complete your consultation, a speech-language pathologist will assess speech, conduct necessary tests before formulating a personalised plan. During therapy sessions, the pathologist will then use specialised tools and techniques required to improve speech.

Based on your age and severity of speech disorder, the speech specialist can use books, language intervention activities, articulation activities, and other tools to facilitate language development and tongue exercises.

Factors that Influence Speech Therapy Cost

Several factors can determine the average cost of speech therapy, including the frequency of therapy sessions, the depth and delivery method of your enhanced primary care plan, as well as the intensity of your daily practice.

Typically, therapy can be either less intensive, like enhancing public speaking skills, or complex, for problems like stroke. During your first meeting with a pathologist, they will analyse your medical history and craft a tailored treatment plan indicating a clear map on how to attain the treatment goals.

Need Affordable Speech Therapy Services in Australia? We Can Help

If you’re looking for affordable and comprehensive mobile speech therapy, look no further than Gen Physio. Whether you need support at your home or school, our mobile speech pathologists can deliver the best services to meet your expectations. Please contact us now at 1300 122 884 to schedule an appointment and plan for your assessment.

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