How do Adults do Speech Therapy at home?

28 Sep, 2022

There are several benefits of doing speech therapy at home. Like any other form of therapy, more practice means further improvements, and speech therapy at home has proven to be beneficial. If you or your loved one doesn’t seem to fall under the typical range of speech, it may be a sign of language delays or other communication disorders.

Luckily you can improve communication with simple speech therapy exercises. Here’s how to leverage speech for adults at home.

Work with a Speech Therapist

A language and speech therapist can significantly assist with speech therapy exercises. Home is where most people feel at ease. Studies have shown that homes are comfortable spaces where patients can relax and pay attention to their exercises. Working with a speech therapist can help boost your confidence.

Entering unfamiliar areas can be scary for some adults, particularly those recovering from post-traumatic disorders. Scheduling regular appointments with a speech therapist at home can be an excellent way to eliminate this fear. At Gen Physio, we have experienced professionals ready to visit your home to offer a comprehensive treatment approach to meet your goals faster.

Use appropriate tools

\Using therapy apps for adults can help you improve your communication skills faster. Most speech therapy apps are designed to help patients practice the exact skills they acquire from a speech therapy clinic at home. The app should feature methods known to help adults recover from communication disorders. The best thing about these speech therapy tools is that they allow the patients to get more repetitions between the therapy sessions which will speed up the patient’s progress.

Use existing resources

You don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to purchase items to assist you in your speech therapy exercises. There are several items you can work with at home. For example, you can read and write down common phrases used often. You can also read TV subtitles and make conversations with people around you.

Recording and listening back can also help you identify areas that require improvements. This skill can help you achieve your goals in and out of the speech therapy clinic. After all, people around you may not always be available to stand next to you and tell you how you are sounding.

Select a dedicated spot for your practice

Using the same spot for your speech therapy exercise can help you build a routine. If your recliner seat or your couch makes you more comfortable, you can dedicate it to your practice. It can also be beneficial to sit at a kitchen table since it will put you in a work mode.

Make an appointment today

Whether you have Parkinson’s disease or any other speech disorder, the Speech Therapists at Gen Physio can provide a problem-solving approach. Our mobile speech therapy will help you improve your communication skills in the comfort of your home. Book an appointment with us for an in-home service across Australia.

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