How Can Physiotherapy Reduce Pain?

4 Aug, 2021

Physiotherapy is the use of physical methods to treat a disease, injury, or disorder. Physiotherapists, use these methods to help patients maintain an independent and active life both at work and home. This guide from Gen Physio sheds light on how various therapy treatments can help address body pain.

Role of Physiotherapy in Chronic Pain Treatment

There are various pain management methods that physiotherapists use on their patients. And for the longest time, these methods have proven to be very effective for pain relief. They include:


Manual Therapy

The use of tools or hands to do manual therapy on soft tissue puts pressure on muscles and manipulates joints to relieve pain caused by joint and muscle tension and dysfunction. This helps to improve movement.

Remedial Massage

It helps in pain treatment by relaxing painful muscles, joints, and tendons. It also reduces stress and anxiety. In addition, massage stimulates nerve fibres and impedes pain messages between the brain and other parts of the body. This way, it helps to “close the pain gate.”

Dry Needling

This method, combined with other physiotherapy interventions, treats muscle tissue. The goal of the therapy is to reduce pain, restore tissue function, and deactivate trigger points.

Physical Therapy and Pain Reduction

Physical therapy comprises specific exercises a patient can carry out at home to improve their health and enhance body strength. These exercises are designed in a way that they are feasible, practical, and accessible. This helps the patient to maximize efforts and results under minimal supervision.

Pain management Physiotherapy

Exercise therapy is an effective treatment that a patient can simply carry out on their own. It is a broad and systematic approach that:

  • Improves functioning of different body parts, fitness, and mobility
  • Helps to prevent and manage various diseases and injuries
  • Improves balance between heat and cold in the body

Get a Professional Physiotherapist from Gen Physio Today

Your body is prone to various forms of pain resulting from different causes, such as injuries, ageing, illness and many more. You, therefore, need to ensure that the pain is handled correctly depending on its cause to improve the quality of life.

At Gen Physio, we provide mobile physiotherapy to help alleviate all your muscle and joint pain without medication. We are committed to ensuring that our patients live healthy lives to increase their productivity. Please get in touch with us today on 1300 122 884 to get superior therapeutic solutions to all your pain problems.



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