How can I improve my speech clarity?

22 Nov, 2021

Do you often find that your speech is broken, unclear, or unintelligible? Or do you speak in ways that the recipient finds hard to understand? Then, you may need speech-language therapy.

While this may not be directly linked to a speech disorder, having unclear speech can affect how you interact with others. It may attract unhealthy attention in social gatherings, shatter your confidence or make you feel isolated. Fortunately, there are ways you can improve your speech clarity and speak more confidently. Here are six tips to help you speak more clearly:

1. Take deep breaths

Breathing is essential to producing a stronger voice and speaking. Without it, you may experience wavering pitch, breathy voice, vocal fatigue, and tension in your vocal mechanism, which will add to the unclear speech. Therefore, you should take breathing exercises regularly to boost your speech clarity.

2. Adopt a good posture

A bad posture will affect not only your musculoskeletal system but also your speech clarity. For example, if you shrug your shoulders, you place massive tension in the neck region and you may struggle to breathe. This can affect your speech. Therefore, sit or stand straight to avoid tension around the neck and improve your speech.

speech clarity

3. Use a mirror

Using a mirror is one of the oldest ways to improve your speech clarity. So, if you have unclear speech, spend some time in front of a mirror and practice pronouncing words that may be causing you to have unclear speech. While at it, focus deeply on how your lips move as you pronounce different words and apply the same mechanism when having a normal conversation.

4. Swallow excess saliva

Speaking with too much saliva in your mouth can affect your pronunciation, sound control, and intonation quality. Therefore, to achieve a clear speech, swallow excess saliva and ensure your mouth is empty.

5. Watch your pitch

Your speech may be rough and strained if your pitch is too high. On the other hand, if the pitch is too low, your audibility will be massively affected. Your overall speech clarity in both cases won’t be anywhere near good. Therefore, make sure the pitch of your voice is calm and relaxed for a clearer speech.

6. Speak slowly

Take your time when speaking. Speaking slowly gives your tongue, lips, and jaw enough time to fall back in their rightful place. That way, they can work harmoniously to produce a more comprehensible speech. Also, with a slow speaking rate, you can control what you want to say, making you convey your thoughts and ideas more confidently.

Seek expert intervention

Do you want to improve your speech clarity? Experienced speech therapists at Gen Physio can help. We offer speech therapy services and our experts approach each patient differently, perform a comprehensive assessment, and create a personalised treatment plan to help make your speech clear and fluent. Call us today to book an appointment.

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