Healthy Christmas Recipes from a Dietitian

15 Dec, 2023

Ready to plan your Christmas food shopping list? Whether you are planning a cosy Christmas for two or a feast for the whole crew we have two healthy Christmas recipes for you and your loved ones to follow to keep you on track with your health goals before the year ends…

Preparation is key!

Christmas is a time for joy, laughter, and of course, delicious food. But with all the festivities, it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits and forget about nourishing ourselves. Worry not, there’s still time to plan your food shop!

This holiday season, we’re bringing you two Dietitian-approved healthy Christmas recipes that cater to both quieter gatherings and larger-scale celebrations, all packed with amazing flavour and even better nutrition.

Pork roast with potatoes and green beans

Maple Roasted Carrots and Chicken

For those planning a cosy Christmas dinner for two, this Maple Roasted Carrots and Chicken dish is your perfect companion. Ready in just 40 minutes, this recipe offers a comforting balance of sweet and savoury, making it a delightful option for a smaller group. This recipe is packed with vitamin A from the carrots, protein from the chicken, and natural sweetness from the maple syrup, what more could you want?

Pork Roast with Potatoes and Green Beans

If you’re hosting a larger Christmas gathering, this Pork Roast with Potatoes and Green Beans is sure to become a holiday staple. Marinating overnight for maximum flavour, this dish takes around 2 1/2 hours to cook, filling your home with the enticing aroma of Christmas cheer. This recipe is a crowd-pleaser, providing a generous serving for ten people while delivering essential nutrients like iron from the pork, fibre from the green beans, and vitamin C from the potatoes. A win-win in our opinion!

Healthy Christmas Recipes Don’t Have to Be Complicated

Remember, healthy eating doesn’t have to mean sacrificing flavour or fun during the holidays. These recipes are proof that you can enjoy delicious meals while making smart nutritional choices.

Reach Out for a Healthier Holiday Season

So, skip the stress and embrace a nutritious, yet delicious Christmas. Follow these recipes and get ready to conquer your holiday feasts with confidence!

Alternatively, our Dietitians can help you navigate healthy Christmas recipes, find festive swaps for your favourite treats, and create a sustainable approach to holiday eating that leaves you feeling stress-free and ready to celebrate.

How a mobile Dietitian appointment can help

Our team of Mobile Dietitians is here to help you navigate the festive food scene. Contact us today on 1300 122 884 to schedule your initial appointment and unlock a healthier, happier holiday season!

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