Employee stories: Olivia

18 Jan, 2024

Today, we take a moment to spotlight the journey and the experiences that have shaped Occupational Therapist Olivia into the confident and knowledgeable OT she is today.

We’re excited to celebrate Olivia as she marks her second anniversary with Gen Physio!

Growth Through Diverse Experience

Olivia’s career in Gen Physio has been one of continuous growth and development. Gaining valuable confidence through various experiences, she quickly rose to the challenge of being a great community clinician.

Her diverse client base honed her ability to tailor her approach to individual needs, age groups, and socio-economic backgrounds. Ranging from children aged 2 to older adults in their 90s. She has actively participated in team onboarding and mentored students, even tackling the unique challenges of supporting a co-worker as a client.

Ellen - EP

Above is a Christmas letter written by one of Olivia’s clients to demonstrate her improved handwriting.

Collaboration and Professionalism

Olivia’s dedication to collaboration goes beyond the scope of Gen Physio. She actively engages in joint sessions with a variety of Allied Health professionals, in various disciplines. Both within her team and with external professionals.

Throughout her journey, Olivia’s continued growth has been aided by our team, a solid source of support. Key aspects of this include regular team meetings for client support and weekly professional development meetings with our Clinical Supervisors. Olivia’s passion for her profession extends to nurturing future generations of OTs. She has welcomed numerous students, ranging from short-term placements to longer 12-week programs.

Her dedication to teaching was recognised by both the University of Queensland and Griffith University, who commended her methods and contributions to the field.

Consistent Learning and Growth

Olivia’s Gen Physio journey is a testament to the transformative power of experience. Through a blend of diverse client interactions, professional challenges, and collaborative learning, she has blossomed into a well-rounded and highly skilled Occupational Therapist.

She shared with us:
Through these experiences, I have gained the perspective that as a clinician, you are always learning and engaging in new life experiences that help you grow. Whilst situations can be challenging, it makes us better clinicians and better mentors for future students entering an Allied Health profession.’

We are incredibly proud of Olivia’s achievements and contributions to the Gen Physio team. We look forward to witnessing her continued growth and success in the years to come!

If you are interested in a career with Gen Physio, learn more here.

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