Employee stories: Ellen

4 Jan, 2023

Ellen is one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists who graduated in 2020 and has been working with Gen Physio for almost two years. We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate this employment milestone and ask Ellen some questions about her career and her experience with #TeamGenPhysio. From her insights, you will get to know more about her journey as an EP, and how she has developed her clinical skills over the past two years.  

What are you most passionate about as an Exercise Physiologist? 

As an Exercise Physiologist, my main goal is to ensure that I leave my clients in a better place than when I first meet them; whether that be improving their physical health, reducing their pain, or helping them to become mentally stronger. I also recognise the power of a simple conversation, so I always listen to my clients, build rapport, and just have a chat. Taking the time to do this can have a profound, positive impact on their day. Exercise is important for many aspects of life and I’m passionate about being able to facilitate that for my clients. 

Ellen - EP
MS Moonlight Walk

How would you describe the support from your team? 

Throughout my first year as a new graduate, I had incredible support from both my Team Manager and the Support Office, as well as frequent contact with the entire Exercise Physiology team. This was a vital part of my development as a clinician. Moving into 2022, Gen Physio’s transition to a multidisciplinary team approach has been a fantastic learning experience for me. I have had the chance to gain knowledge from five other Allied Health disciplines and learn different approaches from other clinicians experience. 

Every month I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with either the EP team or my MDT for social events like bouldering, Top Golf, coffee, or dinner after a Professional Development session (Grill’d seems to be the go-to!). For the last 2 years, I have been helping to organise the EP team to participate in the MS Moonlight Walk. It’s been a great way to get the team together for a social event and to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis which is a condition we are often exposed to as Allied Health professionals. Plus, you get plenty of steps in too! 

Why did you choose Gen Physio?  

I initially chose Gen Physio because providing in-home health care really intrigued me, it was something I hadn’t encountered or considered at university. After starting with Gen Physio, I quickly realised the best thing about this job is how varied each day can be. You never feel stuck like you would in a clinic, clients are much more comfortable in their own homes, and you get to explore plenty of amazing locations. The early finishes on a Friday are also a nice bonus and make the perfect start to my weekends. 

What is one goal you have for 2023? 

My goal for 2023 is to build upon my existing skills and knowledge as an Exercise Physiologist, while taking on more responsibility in my role, including hosting and providing mentorship to students. I am excited to continue to grow in the Allied Health space and make a positive contribution to my clients and their communities. 

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