Employee stories: Bernie

9 Jun, 2023

Bernard, affectionately known as Bernie, a Physiotherapist in our Logan team, recently shared with us his experience of returning to Gen Physio from the public health sector. 

In January 2022, Bernie joined the Gen Physio team as a New Graduate. However, towards the end of the year he decided to pursue a career opportunity in the Community and Oral Health sector, Complex Chronic Disease Team. Though Bernie enjoyed the role he moved into, he found that it didn’t quite fit his career aspirations or work life balance and fortunately, he decided to come back to Gen Physio at the start of 2023.  

Bernie’s decision to return to Gen Physio was driven by his longing for the unique connections and genuine relationships that he made while working as a Mobile Physiotherapist. The opportunity to interact with clients in their unfiltered environments and gain insights into their lives and families, combined with the satisfaction of delivering gold standard community care, made his work more fulfilling than ever before.

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By being welcomed into clients’ homes and building true rapport with them, Bernie found a unique sense of purpose and meaning that he simply couldn’t replicate in any other setting. 

Bernie enjoys how his role at Gen Physio allows him to have responsibility when catering to his clients because of the unique aspect of Mobile Health Care. Though he does find it can be challenging at times with less face-to-face interactions with colleagues, he appreciates that it has sharpened his skills of being independent, accountable, time-efficient, and continually learning to communicate more effectively.

Bernie also enjoys that Gen Physio Clinicians still have the opportunity to build connections as a team on a weekly basis in the Multi-Disciplinary meeting. Bernie is always excited to catch up with his team, whether that is to share ideas on challenging case, to collaborate, or for a planned social event.

Bernie is happy to be back at Gen Physio for the genuine connections he makes with his Clients, the independence of being a Mobile Physiotherapist, and the uplifting work environment he experiences with his team. 

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