Easter egg pattern tracing activity for kids

13 Apr, 2022

Looking for a fun Easter activity for the kids?

Then look no further than this Easter egg pattern tracing activity. This printable template is a great activity to assist your child in developing fine motor skills and line control.

The design features a black and white Easter egg illustration with outlines of different patterns. The objective of this task is to ask your child to trace along the patterns to decorate their egg; using any colour they like; the only rule is to ensure they keep on the dotted lines. 

By tracing the different patterns, your child will improve their pencil grip, line control and of course fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the coordination of small movements in the wrists, hands and fingers. 

Easter activity

Depending on their age, once they have completed their artwork, ask them to use a pair of safe cutting scissors and cut out their design. This will allow them to again strengthen their fine motor skills. 

To get started, all you need to do is download and print out this awesome design created by Twinkl.  

How else can I improve my child’s fine motor skills?

Working on their finger/hand strength 

Developing finger and hand strength is an important element in advancing a child’s fine motor skills. As your child grows, the small muscles in their fingers and hands become stronger, which allows for better control and increases their endurance when completing fine motor activities.  

If you have noticed that activities like holding a pencil or a pair of scissors is something your child finds challenging, then engaging an Occupational Therapist to assist you with creating strategies that improve your child’s finger/hand strength could be beneficial.  

To arrange an initial appointment with one of our therapists, call our friendly client services team on 1300 122 884 or use the live chat function on our website to enquire today. 

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