Drop Everything: A new age of healthcare has arrived

21 May, 2020

Our CEO Jordan Gauder recently caught up with the team at Dropbox to discuss how top notch technology plays a big part in what we do.

Amidst all the uncertainty around the world right now, there is one common thing that helped our team continue to provide exceptional care to our clients in their homes – our software, and in particular Dropbox. Read more about it below:

Drop box

What does it take to build a business that’s ahead of the curve, and moves an industry away from traditional clinics, and into a smarter, distributed way of working?

Jordan Gauder did just that when he founded Gen Physio, a business built to fill a specific hole in the market, and powered by smart technology.

Filling a gap in the market

When the COVID-19 outbreak occurred in 2020, many competitive physiotherapy businesses began offering in-home and remote services in line with the Australian government recommendations to the healthcare industry. These businesses did so as a matter of necessity, but Gen Physio has been working this way for more than five years, and is now seeing how a smart mix of technology and preparedness has placed the business in a good position during the current crisis.

Gen Physio was established in 2014, when CEO Jordan Gauder first completed study and was working with Queensland Health’s transitional care program, which provided Allied Health support members of the community at home. But as Jordan put it “It was costly, it was inefficient, but it gave me exposure to that side of the industry.”

His solution was to build a business that brought invaluable physiotherapy and care out of an office and into the homes of people who needed it most. The business began with just Jordan storing his files on a personal Dropbox account, servicing patients in his local area, but quickly grew to include nearly a hundred staff across South East Queensland.


To read the full article, visit the Dropbox blog: DropEverything

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