Client Story: The Power of Physiotherapy for Bernie

9 Aug, 2023

One of our wonderful Clients, Bernie, has been courageously battling Dementia for the past five years. Bernie lives in his home with his wife Wendy and their loyal companion and furry family member, Molly. His primary objective is to maintain his independence and continue living at home with the support of his devoted family for as long as he can.

Dementia can have a significant impact on older adults, both physically and mentally. People with Dementia may experience symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty thinking clearly, problems with language, and changes in mood and behaviour.

These changes can make it difficult for them to perform everyday tasks and may result in them becoming withdrawn from their usual social activities.

Two years ago, Bernie began receiving Physiotherapy services with Gen Physio as part of his Home Care Package with our Physiotherapist, Alicia. Since the pair’s very first session together, Alicia has been diligently helping him maintain his strength and mobility, working towards his goal of continued independence. Bernie’s lifestyle was previously sedentary, which made him more prone to falls.

The two have been focusing on implementing exercises and activities into their weekly schedule that creates a more active lifestyle for Bernie whilst enhancing his overall balance and coordination.  


To add a bit of healthy competition and keep them active, Alicia likes to add various games into her sessions which Bernie loves, such as quoits or ball throwing. In addition to the various games or exercises, Alicia and Bernie often take a walk around the block with Molly in tow. These activities not only keep Bernie engaged and active, but also provide him with valuable social interaction on a regular basis.


Over their time together, Bernie’s Physiotherapy sessions have not only assisted in maintaining his strength and improved his overall lifestyle but have also created a world of possibilities for him to actively engage in a variety of activities alongside his loved ones, all in the comfort of his own home.

Bernie’s story is a clear example of how the power of Physiotherapy can improve an individual’s quality of life and assist in achieving their health goals. By having the right support around them, those suffering from Dementia can maintain an active and meaningful lifestyle.

How we can help

If you or someone you know is facing difficulties with maintaining their independence, our team of dedicated Physiotherapists may be able to help. With our mobile services, there is no need to leave the comfort of your home. Call us for appointment availability on 1300 122 884.

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