Client Story: Siu is Breaking Down Barriers

17 May, 2023

After a chance meeting at the local pool, Siu has been working with our Physiotherapist, Charli for the past 8 months. Siu was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) after getting surgery on her left knee in 2020 and being medically discharged from the Defence Force. She had significant strength and mobility issues within not only her left knee but both knees and her lower back.

Despite this, Siu’s determination led her to complete her own sessions within the pool multiple times a week, whilst seeking out a Physiotherapist for further guidance and expertise in treating her condition with the therapeutic benefits of the warm water.

Siu attends her Hydrotherapy sessions with Gen Physio twice weekly and still attends the pool independently outside of her Physiotherapy sessions, where she completes her home exercise program prescribed to her.

In her sessions with Charli, she works on improving her range of motion in her knee, her strength in both legs, and gait retraining to improve her ability to mobilise safely and independently. Siu’s Hydrotherapy sessions aim to keep her as mobile and independent as possible.

Siu is breaking down barriers every day through her determination to improve her condition and maintain her independence.

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Since working with Charli, Sui’s confidence has increased, and she has been set up with a program she can complete independently at the pool to improve the range in her knee.

In Charli’s time with Siu, she has found herself doing plenty of additional learning on how best to treat those with FND and has gained invaluable experience, given the condition’s complex nature and differing presentations.

Siu loves advocating for those who experience FND through an FND Australia support group in her free time, as well as painting and teaching others to paint and participating in Equine Therapy sessions.

Siu is always giving back to those around her, often sending her paintings to families going through difficult times and creating friends at the pool, supporting them through their therapy sessions and difficulties in their lives. Siu never lets anything get in her way from working towards and achieving her goals.

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