Client Story: Sherrie’s Inspiring Journey

9 Nov, 2023

Follow along with Sherrie and her remarkable journey towards achieving her unique goals to enhance her well-being. Her unwavering determination is a testament to the power of her uniquely tailored home exercise program, guided by the expertise of her dedicated Exercise Physiologist, Jessie.

Sherrie’s is challenged by Neuropathy in her arms and legs daily, which has significantly impacted her ability to stand and control her movement. Neuropathy is when nerve damage leads to pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in any areas affected.

Despite her Neuropathy diagnosis, Sherrie remains determined and has set a clear goal for herself which entails regaining her independence by using a hoist to stand and perform transfers without any assistance.


Our Exercise Physiologist, Jessie, working with Client, Sherrie to strengthen her upper body using dumbbells.

Tailored Home Exercise Programs

Sherrie has been working with our dedicated Exercise Physiologist, Jessie, to create a comprehensive home exercise program tailored to suit her needs and assist in achieving her personal goals. This program had a particular emphasis on building whole-body strength and muscular endurance ready for future transfers.

Initially, due to her Neuropathy, Sherrie faced mobility challenges and was unable to stand, so the exercise sessions were designed to incorporate seated movements exclusively, gradually building up strength and movements from there.

Reaching Milestones

Sherrie has made significant progress in managing her Neuropathy symptoms over the past 3 years. Recently, she has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing standing exercises using a hoist for up to 50 seconds at a time.


This achievement has resulted in noticeable improvements in her transfers, making them feel easier and smoother. In addition to the physical benefits, Sherrie has also experienced holistic positive changes in her mental health and appetite. She feels a renewed sense of strength in her body and a reduced level of fatigue.

These improvements have made a significant impact on her overall well-being and quality of life, which are a testament to her consistent hard work, determination and positive mindset throughout her journey.

How can an Exercise Physiologist help you?

If you are experiencing reduced muscle strength or endurance, a tailored home exercise program from our experienced Exercise Physiologists could put you on the right path toward increased stability, strength and independence. Contact our team today on 1300 122 884 to begin your journey.

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