Client story: Peter

8 Aug, 2022

Peter is a 68-year-old man who suffered a right-sided stroke in March this year and then spent 3 weeks in inpatient rehabilitation until he was able to return home with his wife, Wendy. At his initial appointment, he was significantly limited with the function in his left hand and had serious difficulty with functional tasks such as mobility and sit-to-stand. He was walking with a four-wheeled walker, with a slight foot drop, slow, short steps and limited to less than 100 meters around the house. He was unable to engage in his community activities and was severely reliant on his wife for his activities of daily living. He scored 36.16 seconds on his Timed-Up & Go Test, 32.69 seconds on his 5 x Sit to Stand Test and scored a Berg Balance Score of 39/56, suggesting he was a medium falls risk.

Over the past few months, Peter has been extremely dedicated to his therapy with Mikaela (Occupational Therapy), and Erin (Physiotherapy). He is the kind of patient that goes above and beyond what you ask him to do, and he has been so motivated and dedicated to his recovery.

He has been doing two weekly physiotherapy appointments, and once-a-week occupational therapy focused on mobility practice, functional strength activities, balance practice, and improving his upper limb strength through targeted exercises.

client story peter

Peter is an extremely kind man, who expresses his thanks at the end of each session, asking Mikaela and Erin if he can give them a hug as a sign of his appreciation. He often gets teary talking about how far he has come, and it is such an encouraging part of our clinician’s roles to see changes like this happen in the space of a few months. We are very grateful for the chance to work with Peter, and many other clients as we help them to improve their quality of life and thrive in their communities. It is a motivating reminder that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

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