Client story: Nick

24 May, 2022

Meet some of our #GenPhysioFaves, Nick and Zivago.

️Nick has ASD and is non-verbal, however, when our Exercise Physiologist, Zivago visits him once a week, he is always excited to see him. Nick is lucky enough to live on a large property which makes his exercising more fun, as he has plenty of space to participate in activities.

Throughout their sessions, they do a lot of resistance exercises like shoulder presses and bicep curls for Nick’s upper limbs. They also use a medicine ball for pick up and throw down exercises, along with the farmer’s walk holding kettlebells.

Client story - Nick

In between sets, they go through active range of motion exercises like throwing and catching a ball to strengthen Nick’s motor skills. These exercises are Nick’s favourite which is really helpful as they keep him engaged when performing the other exercises. ️

Like many of our clients, Nick exercises for the right reasons which are to help improve his mobility, strength, coordination, motor planning and to increase his positive participation in physical activity. With their weekly sessions, Nick is also able to maintain his current functional independence so that he can continue to participate in community activities such as bowling.

These guys are true superstars and are the perfect example for why exercising right is so important.

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