Client Story: Matthew and James

23 Jan, 2023

Meet some of our #GenPhysioFaves, brothers Matthew and James.

Matthew and James are young brothers who work with our Occupational Therapist, Annika, in weekly back-to-back sessions.

Matthew has been working on improving his problem-solving, social and fine motor skills to help meet age-appropriate milestones. During his latest session, Annika and Matthew had a fun playing games like Pop the Pig, stacking blocks in challenging patterns, colouring and cutting out shapes and finishing off with a round of emotion bingo. These activities are supporting him to improve his engagement at school and in his daily interactions.

Annika knows how to save the best for last and finished the session with the boys outside. They had an absolute blast doing animal walks and practicing throwing at a target. It is evident that both Matthew and James enjoy their Occupational Therapy sessions and Annika does a great job in supporting them to meet their goals in a fun and engaging way.

These two energetic clients also work with our Exercise Physiologists Chris and Ilja. For Matthew, his fortnightly session with Chris focuses on improving gross and fine motor skills, exercise confidence, coordination, and overall strength. James works with Ilja on a weekly basis where he is supported to improve his gross and fine motor skills, strength, cardiovascular capacity, balance, and agility. 

Matthew James Occupational Therapy Client

We are very grateful to provide our clients with access to our multi-disciplinary Allied Health services and make a true difference in their lives. To learn more about our Allied Health services, visit our services page.

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