Client Story: Mark

2 Sep, 2021

Mark is a bit of a celebrity in his neighbourhood and definitely one of our Gen Physio Faves!

Sam, one of our Physiotherapists would typically go for a walk with Mark as part of his warm-up at the start of each session and end up getting stopped every few minutes to chat with the locals or wave to cars.

Mark and Sam have built up a great relationship over the last two years but sadly this photo was taken at their last appointment together, as Sam has since relocated to another service area. Here’s what Sam had to say about his time with Mark:

“I’ll miss our ABBA/Queen/Beatles karaoke sessions every Thursday morning at 8 am (but I don’t think his neighbours will). I had my last appointment with Mark this morning, so it’s sad to say goodbye but I know he’ll be in great hands with Tony.”

We want to thank Mark for sticking with Gen Physio since 2019 and wish him the best for his future sessions with our Physio, Tony.


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