Client Story: Lyn’s journey to reclaiming her independence

27 Jun, 2023

Meet our client Lyn, who has been on a health and wellness journey with our very own Physiotherapist, Maegan for over two years now. Lyn was one of Maegan’s first clients when she joined the Gen Physio team back in early 2021.

Lyn was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and required Physiotherapy after having a shoulder replacement and needing additional support to manage the pain and mobility issues associated with the progression of her Parkinson’s. Maegan has been instrumental in helping Lyn reclaim her mobility and improve her overall quality of life. 

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is a debilitating condition that affects the nervous system, stemming from damaged nerve cells responsible for producing dopamine. The loss of this crucial substance has a devastating impact as it plays a vital role in ensuring the control of muscles and movement. The disease can lead to muscle rigidity or stiffness, which can limit movement and cause significant pain. Unfortunately, this is the reality Lyn faces firsthand.

Disabled Surfers Association of Australia

Lyn’s Journey

Since beginning twice-weekly Physiotherapy sessions, Lyn has experienced significant improvements in her mobility and a reduction in the freezing of gait – a common symptom of Parkinson’s Disease that can cause difficulty with walking. This progress is a huge success for Lyn and a major step towards achieving her personal goals. Additionally, Maegan has developed a personalised program of strengthening exercises and provided regular Physiotherapy massages to help manage Lyn’s shoulder pain, resulting in greater control and relief. Overall, their collaborative effort has made a remarkable difference in the quality of Lyn’s life.

Sadly for us, Lyn’s Gen Physio journey is coming to a close as she is relocating to small town with limited access to Physiotherapy. However, we remain dedicated to our mission of helping more people and changing lives. To ensure Lyn’s continued success, Maegan has developed a unique home exercise program that she can comfortably complete in her new environment. This program will allow her to maintain all the progress she has made over the past two years and continue working towards achieving her goals. We understand that transitions can be difficult and want to make Lyn’s move as smooth and stress-free as possible. By providing her with a personalised exercise program, we aim to set her up for success in her new home.

When she is not working on her fitness goals, Lyn enjoys watching movies and TV shows, as well as spending quality time with her family, especially her great-grandchildren. At Gen Physio, we believe that a well-rounded approach is the key to success, and we’re proud to have supported Lyn on her health and wellness journey.

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