Client Story: Lola’s Physio Journey

25 May, 2023

Our wonderful client Lola is 93 years young and a testament to the fact that age should not be a barrier to getting stronger and fitter.

With the right support, guidance, and willingness to try, we can all follow in Lola’s footsteps to improve our physical condition and quality of life.

Lola was referred to Gen Physio for Physiotherapy to manage her knee pain due to Osteoarthritis and was only able to walk a few steps using her 4-wheeled walker. However, with the help of our Physiotherapist Melissa, Lola has been able to participate in a range of exercises and has made remarkable progress over the past few months.

At first, Lola preferred to use her sessions for massages, rather than taking part in exercises, but she has gradually become more receptive to the idea of building her strength and mobility. She is now able to complete a variety of exercises, including walking up the hallway, and finds that her knee is no longer bothers as much as it previously did.


Disabled Surfers Association of Australia

Lola has fully embraced the use of her walker and recognises it as an essential tool in maintaining her independence and preventing falls. Lola says her walker is the greatest piece of equipment for her, as she ages.

Lola’s walker has given her a newfound sense of confidence and security, allowing her to look forward to Melissa’s visits and eagerly await their sessions together in her comfortable sitting area outside her bedroom, complete with a picturesque view.

Through ongoing support from Gen Physio, Lola hopes to continue to manage her pain, improve her mobility and strength, and maintain her independence.

If you or a loved one require similar support, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Client Experience team on 1300 122 884 to schedule an initial appointment.

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