Client story: Janine

24 Nov, 2022

Meet some of our #GenPhysioFaves, Janine and Jessie

Sadly, when Janine was a teenager, she suffered a brain tumour which has affected her vision and balance. Our Exercise Physiologist, Jessie, visits Janine fortnightly in her home, where they work on improving her balance, walking ability, coordination, and lower body strength using a range of methods.

Since Janine started Exercise Physiology sessions almost 3 years ago, she has become very good at boxing and memorising boxing combinations. Jessie must remember to brace herself in the boxing sessions now, as Janine has learnt to land a very strong punch into the boxing pads.

Client story
Client story

In their most recent session, Janine participated in some challenging exercises including crab walks, push-ups on the bench and single-leg calf raises. Even though this isn’t her favourite part of the session, having Jessie exercise with Janine always motivates her to complete the sets.

Janine enjoys walking to her local coffee shop as part of her daily routine and visiting the nearby shopping centre for her favourite salmon sandwiches. On top of her daily exercise, Jessie will often take Janine for a quick warm-up walk around the block, where they’ll catch up and share any fun activities they did over the last fortnight. They also love admiring some of the beautiful gardens within Janine’s neighbourhood.

Regular exercise is an essential part of managing your health and well-being. For Janine, her EP sessions with Jessie have improved her overall fitness and boosted her confidence allowing her to continue taking part in everyday activities and enjoy the social aspects of her lifestyle.


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