Client Story: Maintaining Independence for Iain and Helen

12 Jul, 2023

For the past 2 years, our dedicated and passionate Physiotherapist, Alicia, has been providing Physiotherapy services to her Clients, Iain and Helen. As part of their Home Care Package, Alicia has been instrumental in assisting the couple on their journey to maintain their physical well-being.

Although both Iain and Helen have varying purposes for their Physiotherapy sessions, their common goal remains the same – to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Alicia’s regular Physiotherapy sessions, conducted in the comfort of their own home, play a crucial role in helping them achieve their objective of living together and enjoying an enhanced quality of life.

Iain’s life is greatly impacted by chronic low back pain, making it challenging for him to move around and carry out his daily activities. Meanwhile, Helen suffers from Scoliosis and Avascular Necrosis in her hip that has resulted in a restricted range of motion and intensified pain in her hip joint.

Disabled Surfers Association of Australia

Helen’s Physiotherapy program has been carefully tailored to prioritise the preservation of her joint mobility and the enhancement of the muscles surrounding her hip. This personalised approach aims to prevent any potential deterioration in her condition. Alicia plays a vital role in guiding Helen through a series of gentle strengthening exercises that not only help her maintain strength but also provide relief from pain and reduce the risk of future injuries.

The main focus of Iain’s Physiotherapy sessions with Alicia has been to effectively reduce pain levels and improve mobility and function. Through their collaborative efforts, they are steadily progressing towards achieving his health and mobility goals. Iain also benefits from Manual Therapy and stretches in his sessions, as it allows him to work towards effectively managing his pain and further enhancing his mobility. Alicia has also provided letters of recommendation for beneficial ankle and foot supports to take him one step closer to maintaining his independence at home.

Collaborative Team Effort

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team have had a significant impact on Iain and Helen’s journeys. Along with Physiotherapy sessions, the couple have also received support from our Occupational Therapist, Sophie with guidance on equipment sourcing such as sling hoists, beds, and commodes which has greatly enhanced the accessibility and liveability of their home.

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