Avoid Rest with Knee Osteoarthritis

12 Apr, 2019

Have you been diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis and told to rest and avoid pain?

Or perhaps you believe that exercise will do more harm than good?

Well this is an update to let you know that this is NOT true!


knee osteoarthritis

What the current evidence tells us:

Resting and avoiding exercise with knee osteoarthritis makes pain and OA worse in the long term. Our joints need movement in order to help repair. There is a vast amount of evidence out there that supports active and regular exercise in assisting pain management and improving quality of life. Although there may be some pain, it is important to understand pain does not equal damage and your physiotherapist can go into more detail with you as to why.

How we can help:

  • Physiotherapists can design and adapt suitable exercise programs for the individual’s specific needs. Exercise adherence is improved if exercises are individualised, supervised, taught face-to-face, and involve follow-up visits.
  • Assess for suitable mobility devices to reduce joint stress and improve mobility. Sometimes use of a mobility aid is needed to manage arthritis.
  • Provide education on activity modification and self-management. Patients with arthritis often avoid exercise or cut out activities. Patients need reassurance that appropriate exercise and activity is beneficial and will not lead to accelerated degeneration.
  • Communicate with your GP to ensure better coordination of care and alignment of goals.

We understand it is difficult when someone says your joint is ‘’wearing out’’ to believe exercise will help. However, rest assured, the best evidence today has proven time and time again that exercise will help your knee OA and the pain associated with it.

If, however, after the advice given above you are still hesitant about the idea of exercise, we offer hydrotherapy which is a great alternative service that still provides you with an environment to exercise but you also get extra benefits from the water!

No matter what joint, if you have been told you have osteoarthritis get in touch with us at Generation Physio and our team of professionals can tailor a program suitable to help YOU live a more pain free life.

Written by Alexandra Curran.

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