A client-centred approach to health care

24 Aug, 2022

One client, too many service providers

As you know NDIS participants and Home Care Package recipients may receive funding for multiple allied health services as part of your plan/package.

While a client-centred approach that focuses on multi-disciplinary holistic care is important in achieving positive outcomes, it can be overwhelming for Support Coordinators or a client’s support network to navigate the many service providers available when sourcing services across multiple disciplines. The initial appointment enquiry process is time consuming as all actions are multiplied – the phone calls, waitlists, referral forms and having to give the clients information to one provider after another.

client-centred approach

This is where a suite of allied health services delivered directly to clients within the community is a major positive. Depending on the complexity and scope of the needs identified in your client’s NDIS plan or Home Care Package, a multi-disciplinary model of care may be the most effective way for them to reach their health goals. As a multi-disciplinary Allied Health service, we understand how accessing a variety of services with one single provider benefits the client.

This model of care is strategically designed to promote collaboration between clinicians to simplify the client’s experience and optimise their health outcomes. The benefits include:

One referral process

Our Client Services team regularly work with Support Coordinators or a client’s support network to access multiple allied health services in the one booking. This helps ensure the client can be seamlessly onboarded for their services and allows the clinicians to maximise their time in the first session.

A single point of contact for appointments

Managing appointments for multiple clients or your loved ones can be challenging when you have to remember many different providers contact details. Working with a multi-disciplinary provider allows for improved coordination of service delivery and if anything changes for the client, you only have the one number to remember.

Optimised client outcomes

A multi-disciplinary provider allows for a collaborative approach to service delivery to ensure there is always thorough communication between our clinicians. This includes the delivery of services, report writing, arranging modifications, and supplying assistive technologies. A multi-disciplinary team gives clients access to a comprehensive team of experts and helps to facilitate a holistic approach to client care.

If you would like to enquire about our multi-disciplinary Allied Health services, please contact our friendly Client Services team on 1300 122 884.

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