Navigating through Work Cover – getting Physiotherapy treatment

30 May, 2018

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that can pay the wages and medical costs of employees who have been injured due to their employment WorkCover Queensland is the exclusive provider of accident insurance for work-related injuries in Queensland, except for self-insurers. (They will work with you, your employer and medical practitioners to help you recover from your injury). There are multiple types of work cover insurances, this can be Work Safe Vic, Work Cover QLd, Self-Insured Work Cover bodies and many more.

What injuries will Work Cover cover?

  • Physical injuries—such as lacerations, fractures, burns, industrial deafness
  • Psychiatric or psychological disorders — such as anxiety or depression
  • Diseases—such as asbestosis or Q-fever
  • Aggravation of a pre-existing condition
  • Death from an injury or disease.

How to initiate WorkCover claim? Who initiates it?

  • Worker sustains an injury at work.
  • Injured worker seeks medical treatment Doctor issues medical certificate.
  • Injured worker completes application for compensation
  • Employer lodges their report.
  • Employer develops suitable duties plan
  • Worker lodges claim and insurer decides within 20 working days.
  • If claim is complex employer can liaise with WorkCover
  • Insures manages claim and employer works with worker and insurer
  • Claim is finalised and worker returns to work.

Physiotherapist Role in Work Cover:

  • Advice and education
    • Management of symptoms at work and at home
    • Normal Aging Changing
    • Medication → explain about how they work, reassure regarding addiction/side affects
  • Task modification training: Practicing tasks that are difficult, identifying where the issue is and working on a way to address the underlying problem, or find a way to modify the activity to suit their needs.
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Equipment Prescription to assist with rehabilitation and pain management

If you have any further questions about Work Cover claims and the process of receiving treatment then please call 1300 122 884. All Work Cover treatment is bulk billed at Generation Physio, there will be no out of pocket costs for the patient.

Written by William Brown (Dr. of Physiotherapy)

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