Speech Pathology

We have a team of caring & experienced Speech Pathologist’s dedicated in helping you. Our therapists can provide 1:1 sessions to ensure the best results are achieved. Each consultation and treatment will be backed by an evidence based approach. All baseline measures from the patient will be recorded. This way we can ensure results are achieved in a timely manner.

As our mobile Speech Pathologists come to you we take the stress out of travel. Treatment can be provided in the comfort of your own home, or for younger patients at their school. Our therapists have experience working with children & adults.

Home Visits

Tue and her client Gyanne

We understand that families are busy. This is why our team specialise in providing home visit Speech Pathology. We want to take the stress out of travel and make therapy a fun time for you or your child.

We bring everything that is needed for the session, but we also like to use the games and toys you have. We can show you how to use what you already have to build your child’s language, to teach them new skills and to help their development.

Therapy is done through play with various games and activities targeting a specific goal we are working on. If they are finding it hard, we can make the tasks easier.

Before we leave, we will give you activities and more ideas on how you can best support your child and consolidate their new found skills until we see you the next week.

School Support

Need help at School? Our mobile Speech Pathologists can certainly help here. We like to build a bridge between what is happening at school, in therapy and at home. School visits are a great way that we can support both you and the teacher to get the best outcomes and success for your child. These sessions can happen as regularly as needed wether one off or weekly.

Our team can help with a range of the following (beyond what is expected for their age):

  • swallowing and eating
  • dribbling
  • constructing sentences
  • understanding what they have read
  • spelling
  • writing stories
  • voice
  • following directions
  • answering questions
  • understanding stories
  • retelling a story or an event
  • stuttering
  • articulating sounds
  • using correct grammar
  • interacting with other children
  • reading

Contact us to find out more on how we can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring/ have ready for my first session?

You will not need to bring anything to your first session, as we come to you! As a fully mobile service, our practitioners come fully equipped with everything we may need for an initial session so you will not need to prepare anything. If completing a swallow assessment, we may ask if you have biscuits or soft fruit, however, we will also come equipped with alternatives so there is no need to prepare anything.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

The amount of speech pathology sessions needed varies from across individuals and depends on the presenting condition and client goals. A number of factors need to be considered when determining the amount of sessions needed, including:

  • Reason for referral for speech pathology services
  • Presence of comorbid conditions – e.g. does the client present with Autism Spectrum Disorder and stuttering at the same time?
  • Severity of the communication difficulties
  • Family/parental involvement – support and implementation of strategies outside of therapy sessions

What does a swallow assessment entail?

Your speech pathologist will commence your swallow assessment with a case history interview to gather important information. This will include questions such as those regarding medical history and details about the problems you are experiencing with your swallow.

From there, your speech pathologist will conduct an oro-motor assessment which examines the cranial nerves which are responsible for swallowing. Impairment of these cranial nerves may impact your muscles and how safely you are able to swallow.

Your speech pathologist may also assess your ability to drink fluids and eat different textures of food. A list of recommendations to best suit your individual presentation and circumstances will be provided following your assessment.

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