If you’ve been in a car accident or sustained injuries by other means, you have probably heard the term physiotherapy and wonder if it could benefit you. Physio is a method of treatment utilising massage and exercise to heal injuries, treat diseases, and improve mobility. It’s an essential component of your medical care plan. It’s not just one appointment, but rather a series of appointments designed to get you back on the road to better health. Mobile physiotherapy is a great alternative to traditional clinic visits for many reasons.

Why Utilise Mobile Physiotherapy in Brisbane?

Mobile physio is a more viable option than appointments in a clinic because it can be worked around your schedule, not the clinic’s. One of the biggest obstacles that keeps patients from completing their physio treatment plan is trying to work appointments in when a clinic is only open during regular business hours. Factoring in travel time, it can be difficult to fit treatment in around a job and family life.

Another benefit to in-home treatment in Brisbane is that therapists get a chance to see you in action in your natural setting, whether it’s at home or the office. Your neck may be giving you problems because your chair is set at an off angle to the television which requires you to hold your head in an unnatural position for extended periods. A home visit would clue your therapist in on this problem, and it could be corrected immediately which can speed up recovery.

Physiotherapy in your home means your team can teach you exercises where you’ll be doing them. Showing you how to do exercises in a clinic on equipment you don’t have at home makes it difficult for you to replicate them. If you are seen at home, a therapist can consider your surroundings, space, furniture, and equipment present and show you how to work with what you have.

A home visit can also incorporate your family or friends into your treatment and show them how to help you get mobile. Taking your team of helpers to a clinic is difficult while having someone come to you means your supporters are involved and knowledgeable about your care.

Many patients feel great after a physio visit, and then they must endure a long commute home. The stress of traffic and large crowds in Brisbane can undo some of the progress achieved during your appointment. Being able to relax in your own home and let your body work on healing is beneficial to your recovery. Grab a book, a cold drink, and recline while you let go of stress instead of adding to it.

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If you think mobile physiotherapy in Brisbane might be right for you, give Gen Physio a call. We’ve been providing home visit/mobile Physiotherapy and Allied Health service for three years. Our team’s goal is to get you feeling better as quickly as possible so you can get back to doing the things that are most important. Convenient service and treatment tailored to your needs and surroundings will speed up this process to get you on the road to recovery.

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