Initial assessment

What to expect

Getting to know each other

When we first meet with you, we need to do a detailed assessment to properly understand your current situation and what you’d like to achieve with our service.

As each individual’s needs and desires are different, your Health Professional needs to understand what your goals are so they can create a treatment plan that is perfect for you.

First appointment

During your first appointment, your Health Professional will ask several questions on a variety of areas including health and relevant medical history, your health and personal goals, and more. If you have had any relevant letters from surgeons or doctors, it will be useful to make these available to assist in the tailoring of your treatment program.

Your Health Professional may also ask you to perform a range of movements, muscles tests and functional tasks to help them assess your current physical condition. There will likely be a hands-on component with the assessment. All these assessments can be completed within the privacy of your own home. We pride ourselves on our personable approach, so if anything makes you uncomfortable, let us know and we will address it immediately.

Treatment plan

From this consultation, the Health Professional will create a treatment plan for you, which may involve an exercise program and some advice and education. This is usually to treat the cause of your symptoms and to prevent any further injury or deterioration.

They will discuss the process with you in detail so that you are completely aware of what is required and what you might expect. They will continue to monitor and modify the program as you progress to ensure you achieve your goals in the shortest possible timeframe.

They are there to help you along every step of your journey to excellent health – and remember, they come to you!

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