Equipment sales

Easy and convenient

Purchasing equipment

We are proud to offer our clients the opportunity and ease of purchasing equipment directly through Gen Physio.
We offer peace of mind and convenience when it comes to purchasing equipment directly through us.


Ordering process

Here at Gen Physio, we have a committed and experienced team of health experts and support officers who offer exceptional management of the entire ordering process from start to finish including:

  • Experienced and qualified health experts recommendation of all equipment from supportive footwear and strength training to assistive technology and home modifications
  • making advanced payments for equipment to ensure prompt delivery for all clients
  • after purchase support
  • managing any queries and complaints relating to the purchased equipment
  • assistance with warranty support
  • working directly with suppliers to ensure a better service for all clients


Equipment quotes

Please note: Gen Physio can provide Supplier Quotes and recommendations for all NDIS client equipment, however, all NDIS clients will be required to purchase direct through the supplier.