Employee stories: Katie

12 Nov, 2021



Team Manager
Victoria | North GC | Logan

Katie started working with us nearly three years ago now as a Physiotherapy graduate and in such a short time she’s come a long way. After climbing the ranks within Gen Physio, Katie now finds herself as our Victoria and North Gold Coast/Logan Team Manager.

For this month’s Employee Feature, we sat down with Katie, to ask her some questions about her role progression, the challenges she’s faced over the years and what she loves about working for Gen Physio.

What is your current role at Gen Physio?
My current role at Gen Physio is the Victoria and North Gold Coast/Logan Team Manager. In this role I look after a range of practitioners including Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Occupational Therapists. I myself, am a Physiotherapist and also work with my own clinical caseload, treating both adults and paediatrics with a range of neurological disabilities.

What is your background and how has your role progressed with Gen Physio?

I graduated from Central QLD University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy where, soon after, I started out my Physiotherapy career as a new Graduate with Gen Physio in January 2019. Since starting with Gen Physio I have been provided with many exciting and rewarding opportunities. When I first started, our team consisted of approximately 20 people and over the last three years I have watched it change and expand into the healthcare leader it is today. During this time, I have progressed through a range of leadership roles including Team Leader, Regional Team Leader and Clinical Expansion Manager. 

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